Philosophy & Goals & Basis

Our Philosophy

With the lightning speed of technological evolution, changes in technology represent the main challenge facing tomorrow’s business. When it comes to choosing and implementing the technology you need to run your business, it can be difficult to make sense of all the options. We have the unique feature of philosophy -We are efficient, honest and realistic, which is not always pleasant – But a transparent solution does more than just sell technology We want to face challenges with our clients hand in hand and we combine IT and business consulting expertise to develop technology solutions to real businesses challenges and offer you the best options to meet your goals in a timely and political manner while staying in your budget.

Our Goals

The business success of our clients is our top priority. Give and take is not just about two parties trying to compromise, but also about achieving results. We’ll partner with you and your team to help you reach your company’s goals in time by offering innovative and effective solutions that will help your business run smoothly.

And as our consultants are not only technically on top, they also know exactly how our processes work and what matters, you can trust that the advice we give you is based on your specific needs.

Our Basis

To apply our philosophy optimally to the goals of our clients, we consider 3 preconditions necessary:

  1. Customers that engage with our philosophy
  2. Exceptionally skilled consultants – both in the technical as well as the functional domain. Our teams consist of highly experienced staff that employ open communications and mutual support while pursuing the agreed-on goals
  3. A methodology which harmonizes the two aforementioned points in a dynamic process

This is what we call the trinity of 1-bit – merging business with IT in order to achieve outstanding solutions!