We are willing to find the best SAP solution that fits your company’s needs within our implementation philosophy.

With focus on: methodology Requirement Management Innovation 1-bit philosophy

We support our clients to make the most of their SAP investment in the best possible way. With the complexity of corporate planning we have the ability to find the best fit of all types of reporting and data modelling- willing to develop personalized solutions.

However, special challenges in the range of corporate planning are the process dependencies, which depend on the technical modeling.

Since many process dependencies only visible during the corporate planning, the optimal solution has to be worked out hand in hand with the responsible departments in order to get a fast prototypical implementation – only if this fast and dynamic reaction to the latest requirements of the particular department is guaranteed and successfully implemented in the IT-World, the planning and reporting solutions are also successfully implemented within the project scope.

1-bit ensure this agile and transparent way of implementation.


Agile Method

An effective device for successful projects is the agile methodology that can be operated in short interactive cycle. We prefer the agile iterative approach. Introducing agile methods to your team should be understandable as simply to make it clear to your team.


In order to be able to use the agile method optimally for requirements determination and definition, we rely on speedy implementation of prototypes in order to detect logically dependent entities and process gaps/ gaps in processes.


Understanding the customers systems and managing customer expectations is important to us – Therefore we offer a modern/up to date, effective and considerable technology to reduce system complexity and to help our costumer to achieve digital transformation in an understandable way.


SAP HANA native Script-based calculations Views to modernize old version like loading data and process chain

SAP BW-IP/PAK SQL Script and ABAP in order to map the logic script with locking operations and eligibility

SAP BPC 10.1 NW embedded to ensure planning simulations in specific workspaces without direct influence on BW master data

SAP UI5, Design Studio and Analysis Office provides features to the frontend for your particular requirements and for process support to implement e.g. status monitor, release tools

SAPOData and NW Gateway provide high-functioning applications on websites and for mobile users.

SAP Predictive Analytics and R are powerful statistical analysis tools for planning applications to calculate large data volumes/massive data sets

In consideration of social media e.g. sentiment analysis etc. could help to reconvert varied distributive channels to omincanals


In the non-SAP environment, we deal with open-source -CRM -systems and front-end tools, regardless of whether middleware solutions, interface systems or simply web development – the imagination has no limits